How SEOs can create a free server log dashboard to better understand incoming traffic to your website

This technical SEO tutorial takes a step-by-step approach to create your free server logs dashboard using Elasticsearch. This approach harnesses the power of Elasticsearch to help create powerful visualizations using your log files. These visualizations help webmasters understand incoming traffic to their website by using data that is completely reliable and unsampled. And because it’s […]


How to use Google Ads Explanations to understand performance changes

Explanations may be available when comparing recent campaign performance to a previous period. Google Ads is testing “Explanations” in the interface to help advertisers diagnose potential reasons behind changes in conversion volume. Announced this week, Explanations are available at the campaign and ad group levels when there is a significant change in performance of clicks, […]


Marketers, here’s how to understand what’s really behind your mobile ad visits metric

Marketers appreciate metrics that give them a clear sense of how their campaigns move the proverbial needle. On its face, the “exposed visits/visitors” metric used ubiquitously throughout the world of mobile ad campaign measurement is as clear as it gets. Exposed visitors represent the number of devices that were exposed to an ad that subsequently […]