Is it time for Google Scotland?

Google operates in 219 countries throughout the world and has Google search results specific to 179 of them according to its settings. Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” and most would probably say that it is doing a pretty good job of that. However, for users […]


4 takeaways for content marketers in the time of COVID-19

[embedded content] Watch the full session. Creating brand content during a global pandemic is not on anyone’s résumé list of experiences. Brands now have to rethink their customers’ priorities to determine what’s worth communicating, while balancing marketing goals with customer empathy. This conundrum has businesses playing themselves, generating nearly identical messaging across site banners and […]


The time for a website migration is now

Back in March I wrote about reconsidering your decision to pull back on digital marketing budgets due to COVID-19. In a time of uncertainty, it’s natural for businesses to be questioning their spending. As revenue is declining many companies are becoming rich in people-hours and poor with cash-in-hand. This is why I emphatically suggest that […]