Performance articles on MarTech

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Google Search Console adds regular expression support and more data filtering to Performance reports

Google announced a couple improvements to the Google Search Console performance reports this morning. The improvements include support for regular expressions within the filters of the performance reports and also the comparison mode has improved its data filtering. Regular expressions. We’ve been expecting Google Search Console to support regular expressions for the past year or […]


How to use Google Ads Explanations to understand performance changes

Explanations may be available when comparing recent campaign performance to a previous period. Google Ads is testing “Explanations” in the interface to help advertisers diagnose potential reasons behind changes in conversion volume. Announced this week, Explanations are available at the campaign and ad group levels when there is a significant change in performance of clicks, […]


Google Discover performance reports data issue

Google has posted about a reporting glitch in Google Search Console’s performance reports. This reporting bug is specifically for the Google Discover performance reports and you may notice a “significant drop in Discover reporting,” Google said. What went wrong. Google said there was an “internal logging issues” that caused this issue. Google is working on […]


Programmatic performance marketing (aka affiliate marketing) questions and answers

Within certain marketing circles, the term “performance marketing” is equated with affiliate marketing and therefore associated with lots of unnecessary baggage (much of it unwarranted). However, when considered as a digital marketing layer, the term “performance programmatic” becomes more useful and more instructive in terms of describing where it fits into the performance marketing ecosystem […]