You need a market research mind-set

“If you think about all the work that marketers do across demand gen, brand, product marketing…there are many different aspects. When you talk about market research, the term seems narrow and specific — but my point-of-view is that it’s really vital to lean into feedback from the customers, prospects, audiences and stakeholders that matter to […]


Why marketers need identity to build consumer trust in a cookieless world

For years, cookies were the connective links that helped marketers understand and reach consumers, but no more. Navigating this uncharted terrain is doable though. The keys to success are privacy-friendly, identifiable connections and relationships with those who have them. Lots of factors have forced marketers to look beyond the cookie – from consumer privacy demands […]


Considering software to manage your digital commerce advertising? Here’s what you need to know.

Deciding whether or not your company needs a digital commerce advertising management platform calls for the same evaluative steps involved in any software adoption, including a comprehensive self-assessment of your organization’s business needs, staff capabilities, management support and financial resources. Use the following questions to help you determine the answers.  1. Does it make more […]