DuckDuckGo: Google’s mobile share would drop 20% with new search choice screen

Responding to a European antitrust decision against app bundling and pre-installation, Google announced a system last year to present search alternatives to Android users upon device set-up. The resulting “Android choice screen” presents three alternatives (and Google), using an auction to determine the specific competitors.   DuckDuckGo and bid successfully and are available on […]


Marketers, here’s how to understand what’s really behind your mobile ad visits metric

Marketers appreciate metrics that give them a clear sense of how their campaigns move the proverbial needle. On its face, the “exposed visits/visitors” metric used ubiquitously throughout the world of mobile ad campaign measurement is as clear as it gets. Exposed visitors represent the number of devices that were exposed to an ad that subsequently […]


Using mobile location data to improve bank marketing results: A how-to guide

Increasingly, organizations of all sizes are turning to the power of location data to drive business decisions and outcomes that create better user experiences and financial results. In fact, according to a recent report published by location intelligence provider CARTO, nearly all medium-sized and large organizations with over 500 employees (94 percent) leverage location data […]