TripAdvisor launches new listings, reputation and data products to help hotels and restaurants gain insights, boost visibility

COVID-19 has taken a disproportionately large toll on TripAdvisor’s two primary customer audiences, hotels and restaurants, which have seen double-digit revenue declines compared with 2019. The company has been trying to help these groups with a number of new products and services that meet perceived needs and generate new subscription revenue. Listings and menu syndication. […]


Facebook launches new Shopping audiences, Instagram Product Tag ads, tests Shops discounts

As we head into the holiday season, Facebook is rolling out several new features for e-commerce marketers and brands. It is also launching promotional support for Black-owned businesses and training and software discounts for small businesses. Instagram ads with product tags. For more than a year, Instagram has been testing product tags for organic Shopping […]


Epsilon launches brand consideration metrics at individual level

Exclusive to MarTech Today, data-based digital marketing platform Epsilon said it has launched what it calls an “industry first solution” to measure the impact of brand campaigns at an individual level, superseding self-reporting from small sample groups. The solution is part of Epsilon PeopleCloud, a platform which supports personalized customer journeys. The output is a […]


Release Notes: Neustar launches Fabrick

Neustar’s recent launch of Fabrick—an eco-system rather than a unitary solution—reflects the growing realization among martech and adtech vendors that innovation is needed to meet the challenge of the post-cookie and privacy-driven world. A multi-faceted approach. Devon DeBlasio, Product Marketing Director at Neustar, explained the thinking behind Fabrick. “Fabrick is not one singular thing,” he […]


Microsoft launches a free Search and Social campaign management platform for SMBs

Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center. Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center is heading into a pilot stage that is accepting new participants. The platform is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage digital campaigns across multiple networks from one interface. Digital Marketing Center enables small businesses to manage organic social media and paid search and social campaigns […]