How much does Google’s new search term filtering affect ad spend transparency? Here’s how to find out

Google announced at the start of September it would reduce the visibility of search terms shown in reports for advertisers. Privacy was the reason cited by Google but advertisers quickly called the motives into question and complained about the loss of transparency into a large amount of ad spend.  A few well respected PPC influencers […]


Considering software to manage your digital commerce advertising? Here’s what you need to know.

Deciding whether or not your company needs a digital commerce advertising management platform calls for the same evaluative steps involved in any software adoption, including a comprehensive self-assessment of your organization’s business needs, staff capabilities, management support and financial resources. Use the following questions to help you determine the answers.  1. Does it make more […]


Marketers, here’s how to understand what’s really behind your mobile ad visits metric

Marketers appreciate metrics that give them a clear sense of how their campaigns move the proverbial needle. On its face, the “exposed visits/visitors” metric used ubiquitously throughout the world of mobile ad campaign measurement is as clear as it gets. Exposed visitors represent the number of devices that were exposed to an ad that subsequently […]