Google Ads’ continuous audience sharing is now available from sub-accounts

Google has expanded on the continuous audience sharing feature it launched last year by enabling audiences to be shared from sub-accounts, the company announced Tuesday. When enabled, existing and future remarketing lists created from sub-accounts are automatically shared with manager accounts. Continuous audience sharing settings in Google Ads. Image: Google. How it different than before. […]


How Equinox pivoted from clubs to content

For the Equinox Group, 2020 was the year fitness clubs were replaced by fitness content. The Equinox Group itself, and the brands it owns — including SoulCycle and Blink Fitness — had built a business around in-person training, something that was simply not viable under lockdown. Josh Rappaport, Director, Post-Production and Publishing at Equinox Media, […]


Quest for more coverage: Making a case for larger exports from Google Search Console’s Coverage reporting

In 2018 Google revamped the Index Coverage report in Google Search Console. It was a huge improvement from the previous version, and SEOs around the globe rejoiced. With the upgrade, the new Coverage reporting greatly expanded the amount of information for site owners, including errors, indexing levels, and urls that were being excluded from indexing. […]


Google Podcasts Manager shows you search impressions and clicks from Google Search

Google announced a new feature for Podcasters named Google Podcast Manager. Podcast Manager allows podcasters to see how well their podcasts are performing in Google Search. What Podcast Manager does. Google Podcast Manager enables “podcasters can see impressions and clicks for Google Podcasts results that appear in Search, as well as top discovered episodes and […]


Study: Comparing the data from 8 SEO tools

Have you ever had a client (or boss) that called out discrepancies between the SEO tools you use?  As an SEO, it’s tough to have that conversation. Nobody likes to hear, “Well, these tools all measure things in different ways and are never 100% … yada yada yada.”  To non-SEO people, this feels like a […]