PPC 2020 in review: COVID leaves its mark on e-commerce and paid search

This year was largely defined by platforms introducing, fast-tracking or postponing new policies, features, campaign types and offerings in reaction to how consumers and, by extension, advertisers, were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. In early March, the approaching crisis began disrupting search and digital ad budgets, with some businesses cutting their ad spend due to […]


Building a better Budweiser eCommerce platform

In early August one of the United States’ most legendary brands, Anheuser-Busch InBev, home of Budweiser, announced that VTEX would help power their global marketplace and point-of-sale functionality.  But what did Budweiser see in VTEX?  Along with facilitating contactless ordering and delivery in international markets, VTEX has staked a claim to being “the world’s first […]


E-commerce explodes: 45% growth in Q2

Years of economic growth have been wiped out by COVID-19. However, the story for e-commerce has been the opposite: an acceleration of growth that otherwise might have taken years. Approaching 20% of retail. The U.S. Commerce Department reported new retail sales data (.pdf) earlier this week. It shows a huge spike in second-quarter e-commerce spending […]