2021 SEO and digital marketing salary and job trends guide

Conductor’s “2021 U.S. Digital Marketing Salary & Job Trends Guide” gives marketers and teams the in-depth salary data, job market trends and essential skills to navigate the changing hiring landscape. Conductor analyzed digital marketing salary data and hiring trends across top positions in SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) and digital marketing. In this guide, you’ll find: […]


Australia’s showdown with Google has profound implications for domestic businesses and other digital platforms

Last month, Google threatened to shut down its search engine in Australia if the country’s News Media Bargaining Code, which seeks to compensate news publishers for links to their content in Google’s search results, were to become law. The ultimatum came just a day after Google inked a deal with French publishers to license their […]


Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center for search and social management adds features, opens beta

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center (DCM) is now available in open beta in the U.S. The company had been piloting the free platform designed for SMBs to manage automated search and social campaigns across Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram since June. With the move to beta, Microsoft has added several new features. On-site analytics. Customer […]


How the Washington Post’s digital platform has evolved into a DX machine

Since being established almost 150 years ago, The Washington Post has earned a reputation of investigative journalism, political beat reporting and being omnipresent in the D.C. ‘game.’ However, in this heated bipartisan election year, The Washington Post’s most influential asset may not be the journalism, but its digital platform Arc Publishing. Arc Publishing is an […]