How Equinox pivoted from clubs to content

For the Equinox Group, 2020 was the year fitness clubs were replaced by fitness content. The Equinox Group itself, and the brands it owns — including SoulCycle and Blink Fitness — had built a business around in-person training, something that was simply not viable under lockdown. Josh Rappaport, Director, Post-Production and Publishing at Equinox Media, […]


The growing importance of content analytics

Content is the main currency for marketers, no matter what their industry, but the overabundance of content available to consumers has left many marketers with the question: How do I analyze the performance of my content?  The question is valid and pressing whether we’re talking about content aimed at producing an outcome like a conversion […]


How to evaluate content quality with BERT

Marie Haynes recently had a really insightful podcast interview with John Muller. I specifically enjoyed the conversation about BERT and its potential for content quality evaluation. “M 26:40 – .. Is Google using BERT now to better understand now whether content is good?” “J 27:00 – … It’s not so much to understand the quality […]