Microsoft Advertising adds brand safety with IAS partnership

Microsoft Advertising announced Monday that it has partnered with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide brand safety verification for the native ads that run on the Microsoft Audience Network. The Microsoft Audience Network encompasses ad inventory on Microsoft-owned and operated sites such as MSN, Outlook.com, and Microsoft Edge browser as well as partner properties. Advertisers […]


Epsilon launches brand consideration metrics at individual level

Exclusive to MarTech Today, data-based digital marketing platform Epsilon said it has launched what it calls an “industry first solution” to measure the impact of brand campaigns at an individual level, superseding self-reporting from small sample groups. The solution is part of Epsilon PeopleCloud, a platform which supports personalized customer journeys. The output is a […]


Why SEOs should care about brand

I’ll get right to it. As an SEO I think you should care about brand performance. This isn’t an “I know better than you” post. I don’t. This isn’t a “you’re obsolete” post. You’re not. What I’m going to do here is make a series of statements that I think you’ll agree with and I […]


IAS launches brand safe, fraud-free programmatic tech solution for in-app ads

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has unveiled a first-to-market technology solution that helps programmatic advertisers target mobile in-app ads that are brand safe, free of fraud and have a viewability goal. The tool is already integrated into the trading process on several demand-side platforms (DSPs). Eight in 10 US mobile digital display ads are traded programmatically, […]