Why an agile approach to digital experience is a must

From creating geo-targeted advertising campaigns to electronic media kits, interactive landing pages and everything in between, experts say maintaining an agile approach to projects is key in creating impactful digital experiences. “Keeping a website fresh with its functionality, visual design and substance is expensive, time-consuming and a complex and often painful process, so people tend […]


Blogging for Shopify: A unique SEO approach

One of the most common opportunities we see for Shopify stores is to create blog content for SEO. Often, we see that Shopify sites are targeting keywords with informational intent with transactional pages. This creates a discrepancy between what content the store has and what Google is “willing” to rank. The result is that the […]


A Customer-Obsessed Approach To Email Marketing

February 23, 2018 Share this content: More brands are recognizing the critical role email marketing plays in customer experience. It’s the center of every digital relationship, and can help foster personal connections, while also driving sales.. “Two-thirds of companies know that customer expectations are higher and think that their businesses are doing something to accommodate […]