LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers

LinkedIn rolled out new features for Pages Wednesday to help companies promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees directly on the platform. The updates include a new “My Company” Tab, “Events” tab and the ability to “View Page Followers.” Page followers. Page owners can now see the people who follow […]


What we think we’ve learned about networking for virtual events

Creating rewarding and scalable networking opportunities that serve all constituencies is the trickiest aspect of executing events online. It’s also been the least satisfying aspect for attendees, exhibitors and other event participants.  That doesn’t excuse event producers, whether for-profit trade show organizers or companies running virtual events to generate business or retain customers, from cracking […]


Why SEOs should care about brand

I’ll get right to it. As an SEO I think you should care about brand performance. This isn’t an “I know better than you” post. I don’t. This isn’t a “you’re obsolete” post. You’re not. What I’m going to do here is make a series of statements that I think you’ll agree with and I […]