Meet Suzy: the new crowd intelligence platform with the cute name

There’s a lot of power in customer intelligence. Companies use it to inform media plans, refine creative and prove hunches. For every marketer who wants answers — and wants them now — Suzy provides a solution.

Suzy is a new technology platform that allows businesses to gain almost instant crowd intelligence from CrowdTap’s group of more than 1 million incentivized users. CrowdTap members are consumers who answer questions, fill out polls and do simple actions like taking a photo to earn Amazon gift cards.

Suzy CEO Matt Britton told me that the company sees the platform as a “Waze for business,” using collective intelligence to inform business decisions.

“So you want to check the piece of creative,” Britton told me as he was rattling off use cases. “You want to test the packaging. You can ask [the respondents at CrowdTap] and find that out instantly and get data back, whether it’s a word cloud or graphic on your screen.”

Then it’s up to the company to use the information as it sees fit, mostly in understanding its audience. Marketers can see demographic information about the users, says Britton, but Suzy does not collect any personally identifiable information.

“It’s anonymized data. You’re getting consumer profiles, but we’re not sharing our consumers’ first-party data,” Britton said.

In order to show Suzy’s speed, Britton and his team took me through a demonstration. They asked me to come up with a question, and as my brain was caught up with the daily news, I asked the users to give me three words that they think of when they think of Facebook.

The answers came quickly. Within one minute, almost 40 people had responded. Within 20, 179 consumers had answered.

A word cloud generated by my question, “What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of Facebook?”

Suzy represents a pivot for CrowdTap, which was initially a tool to communicate with campus sales reps and morphed into an influencer management platform. As Britton believed that influencer social marketing was not poised for growth, he helped the company find new ways to leverage its engaged audience.

Companies such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Verizon are current clients.

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