MarTech Minute: Amazon Web Services launches AppFlow, Flashtalking’s new ad verification tools

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AMAZON DATA FLOW. Amazon Web Services has launched Amazon AppFlow, a data transfer platform to automate data flow back and forth between AWS and SaaS applications. The solution is positioned as a low-code tool that will help administrators integrate platforms without, as Amazon states, “waiting months for IT to finish integration projects.” The data is encrypted and data transfers can be scheduled, set as a response to business events, or on demand. At launch, Amazon AppFlow supported Amazon S3 cloud platform and 13 other SaaS applications, including Salesforce, Zendesk and ServiceNow — the company says it plans to support “hundreds more” as it further develops the platform.

Why we care: Getting our data platforms to speak to one another is a top challenge among martech groups. With so many companies already on AWS’ platform, this release is a welcome tool for all the MOPs teams that are searching for a quick fix when it comes to integrations. And, not needing to bring the IT group into the project helps ease the process. Of course, this is only a boon for those already part of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem — unless you’re currently considering transferring to AWS, then this will likely be a key selling point. Just make sure the platforms it supports are the ones you’re looking to connect to.

IN A FLASH. Ad management platform Flashtalking has added a new ad verification feature to its platform: Verification Trafficking Automation. The feature is a result of the company’s partnership program launched last year that made it possible to integrate the likes of DoubleVerify, Moat, Protected Media and Cheq verification tools into Flashtalking’s solutoin. According to the announcement, the new verification automation feature will automate the tag wrapping process — meaning advertisers will not have to manually send tags to their verification partners to create wrapped tags for trafficking.

Why we care: It’s difficult enough to track ad fraud, let alone know when it’s even happening, that’s why these ad verification platforms are so necessary. But utilizing them effectively can be time-consuming. We are all looking for ways to maximize our efforts without cutting corners and any tool that can automate something as cumbersome as “tag wrapping” is a step in the right direction.

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