Google Ads mobile app adds custom and performance insights notifications

Custom and performance insights notifications have been added to the Google Ads mobile app, Google announced Thursday.

Custom notifications. You can now set up custom notifications to help you keep tabs on the metrics that matter most to your business. 

Custom notifications from the Google Ads mobile app.
Custom notifications from the Google Ads mobile app. Source: Google.

“Let’s say you’re planning a Spring Sale campaign, and you want to stay on top of how conversion volume changes week-over-week,” Google provided as an example, “With this new feature, you can create a custom notification to alert you when weekly conversions increase by more than 10%.”

To configure custom notifications, navigate to the Settings page within the app and agree to notifications. Next, select custom notifications to set up your alerts.

Performance insights notifications. These notifications can alert you when there’s a significant performance change and provide you with an explanation of why the change may have happened.

Performance insights notifications within the Google Ads mobile app.
Performance insights notifications within the Google Ads mobile app. Source: Google.

Google may also provide recommendations, which can be applied directly from the performance insights notification (shown above).

Why we care. These updates to the Google Ads mobile app help to automate campaign management by providing advertisers with customizable notifications and alerting them when performance strays from the norm. The explanations provided by performance insights notifications may also help advertisers understand why performance has changed, and they can implement recommendations directly from the app or take them into consideration for later. These features may be especially useful for SMBs, where one individual, or a small team of individuals, may be responsible for multiple marketing channels.

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