Programmatic, branding, and what companies are missing: An interview with IAB’s Patrick Dolan

Patrick Dolan, President & COO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), remembers the first IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in 2008. There was a lot of discussion about a new technology called programmatic advertising. The industry was just emerging and there were a lot of concerns about advertising creative, inventory, supply, and the science behind ad […]


Europe to tech giants: Remove ‘illegal content’ within one hour

The European Commission (EC) earlier today issued guidelines and recommendations for the rapid removal of “illegal content” from websites accessible within Europe. The move is aimed primarily — though not exclusively — at terrorist propaganda. The EC wants illegal content to be taken down, following notification to tech companies, within one hour. In the guidance […]


A Customer-Obsessed Approach To Email Marketing

February 23, 2018 Share this content: More brands are recognizing the critical role email marketing plays in customer experience. It’s the center of every digital relationship, and can help foster personal connections, while also driving sales.. “Two-thirds of companies know that customer expectations are higher and think that their businesses are doing something to accommodate […]


IAS launches brand safe, fraud-free programmatic tech solution for in-app ads

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has unveiled a first-to-market technology solution that helps programmatic advertisers target mobile in-app ads that are brand safe, free of fraud and have a viewability goal. The tool is already integrated into the trading process on several demand-side platforms (DSPs). Eight in 10 US mobile digital display ads are traded programmatically, […]