Google Search Console performance report image impression change

Google said on April 6, 2021 it made a change to how it reports within Google Search Console’s performance report for image search impressions. This change is a reporting only change and there was no impact to your actual rankings in Google Search. What changed. Google said it “improved the algorithm for counting image impressions […]

Google announces product reviews algorithm update

Google Search Console adds regular expression support and more data filtering to Performance reports

Google’s FLoC, Supreme court: Tuesday’s daily brief


Google’s search choice screen had virtually no effect on search market share, perhaps by design

Google’s search choice screen was introduced nearly a year ago. It was created as a way to appease the European Commission after it fined the company €4.3 billion (roughly $ 5 billion), the largest antitrust fine the commission has ever imposed. Looking at a chart of mobile search market share in Europe, you wouldn’t be […]

Apple’s data-collection ‘nutrition labels’ for apps will begin appearing next week

Does the Google antitrust case make an Apple search engine more likely?

Marsbot is Foursquare for AirPods


Google updates Merchant Center product data specifications

Google’s product data specification requirements ensure that all product data submitted to the Merchant Center is formatted appropriately for both successful Shopping ads and organic Shopping listings. Every year, Google updates these specifications with the aim of improving its shopping experience. The company released the 2021 updates for search marketers yesterday. Below is a list […]


Chipotle’s loyalty gains, Semrush IPO: Wednesday’s daily brief

Marketing Land’s daily brief features daily insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today’s digital marketer. If you would like to read this before the rest of the internet does, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox daily. Good morning, Marketers, today I’m thinking about common goals. More than ever, […]


How to identify your products for Google

Google has published a list of best practices to help ensure that its search engine understands the products that are being referenced. The list contains an explanation of how Google identifies products, as well as tips for manufacturers, retailers and publishers. How Google identifies products. Google recommends using Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), Manufacturer Part […]


Digital-first commerce boosts Shopify’s earnings

The Ottawa-based global ecommerce platform yesterday announced striking financial results, with Q4 revenue up 94% YoY. Merchant Solutions revenues grew 117% (these are solutions Shopify offers in addition to its subscription platform, like payments and shipping). Sales on the Shopify platform surpassed $ 5 billion during the holiday period. Full year revenue for 2020 showed […]


Google will suspend merchant sites that show higher prices in the checkout

Google announced it will begin on April 6, 2021 to enforce its longstanding policy of requiring merchants to show the price of an item from their Google Merchant feed to their e-commerce page, all the way through the checkout process in the shopping cart. If you show a higher price than what is on your […]


How e-books can provide actionable value to B2B buyers

In an age of the compelling images and short, snappy sentences, the e-book comes across like a dinosaur. It’s just a few thousands words of tightly-packed information, backed by a few charts and graphs. Yet it remains a vital tool in converting a prospect into a customer in the B2B marketing world. That lead you […]

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